OWL by Rachel Ellis Kaufman


OWL   scratch board. Print from the original art  1976

8.5 x 12 FRAMED in black




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Rachel was descended from the Hoxies and Ellises, two of the oldest families in Sandwich. Although she was not born on the Cape, she spent summers there as a child, at her grandparents' homes, and considered Sandwich to be her true home. She returned again and again at different points in her life to visit and to live. She was an art major who studied at the Grand Central School of Art in New York, and also studied commercial art at the New York School of Applied Design. Later in her life, she studied with Wellfleet artist Xavier Gonzalez, with Elliot Orr in Chatham, and also with Seong Moy in Provincetown. 

The paintings, drawings, watercolors, lithos, pastels, scratchboard prints and wood block prints of her years on the Cape are testament to her enduring fascination with a love of the land, the water, the life on Cape Cod. She was not afraid to experiment with a variety of mediums. Her skillful drawings captured not only the fragility of flowers, birds, dories, and sea life around her but formed the basis for provocative paintings and later, pastel landscapes drawn from her childhood memories. 

OWL by Rachel Ellis Kaufman
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